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Western Isles NHS Board Review- Public Meeting

The Western NHS Board Review will be chaired by Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing at An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway on Monday October 8th.

Further details are included in the attached poster.


Information on upcoming events

For you information there are three posters attached promoting the following.

  • Chris Ryan (NHS Health Promotion Dept) is recommencing the very popular walks around Stornoway again.
  • A number of Carer's Events have also been organised for October
  • In addition on the 4th October, the Lewis & Harris, Breast Cancer Awareness Event will be held at the Caladh Inn in Stornoway

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

A series of events have been scheduled in the Western Isles between the 10th- 15th September.

Please check out the attached posters with further details.

SeeMe Video

The national SeeMe anti-Stigma campaign group have made a short video around Catch23.  Watch it here:

(If you can’t see it here you can download the video: Ogg | MP4 | Flash)

Seeme Art Exhibition- Huge Success

Seeme art exhibition

SeeMe art Exhibition

A healthy gathering of artists, friends and family, members of the public and health professionals attended the launch of the ‘1 in 4’ art exhibition held on Saturday 10th September. The exhibition was a culmination of work put together by the members from the ‘Catch 23’ mental health drop-in centre based in Stornoway which is run by the Western Isles Association for Mental Health, (WIAMH).

not an exercise substitute

(Blogging on mental health from WIAMH shall now begin ... it's about time, I think.)

A recently published study from Texas, USA [1] indicates that individually targeted exercise is as beneficial, in around half of cases, as secondary medication as a means of alleviating depression.  This isn't the first study to have shown a generally positive effect; it's almost received wisdom; but this study gets very interesting in its exploration of the difference between the effect on people in different circumstances, including the difference between people with family history of mental illness and those without.

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