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Organised Walks

The Health Promotion Department of NHS Western Isles have again linked up with Catch 23 members to organise daytrips out.


Dates planned are:

June 9th-Uig

July 14th- South Lochs

August 25th- Ness

Departure time is expected to be 10am each day. This will be confirmed nearer the time.

Digital Island- Work by Joe Mahony

Many at Catch 23 will be aware of the excellent work being produced by Joe and the digital artists on a Friday afternoon. If you would like to read more about Joe's work check out the following link

Jim Strachan Hebridean Arts Residency 2009

The Arts residency will be held at Scaliscro again this year, supported this year by the Jim Strachan memorial fund.

Workshops begin on Monday 7th September
running through to Saturday 12th.

A minibus will run daily from Catch 23.
(Departure time 11am)

If you are interested in attending part or all of the event please contact:
Catch 23 – Tel: 01851 704964

(Jim Strachan was an enthusiastic participant in previous Arts events in the Islands and elsewhere with WIAMH and Art Angel, and is remembered with great affection. His book, “Art Angles”, can be obtained from WIAMH.)

Swine Flu Pandemic Contingency Plan for Catch 23

With the news that this pandemic seems to be infecting larger numbers within the UK and Scotland, WIAMH have decided to draft a contingency plan covering the potential impact to the Catch 23 Drop-in.

To date there have been no confirmed cases within the Western Isles.

In the event that the service may be affected. The client group, partner agencies etc will be notified as soon as possible.

Full copy of the plan is available through the attachment.

SAMH Adult Support and Protection Training

Free Adult Support and Protection Training

The new Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 creates new measures to protect adults who are believed to be at risk of harm.

The Scottish Government have provided funding for SAMH to deliver a series of events across Scotland to raise awareness and understanding of the Act to both Voluntary Sector Mental Health Organisations and mental health service users. The Western Isles training days will be sometime between February and April.

CRBS Training

We have received the following training announcement ... CRBS is the Criminal Records Bureau (Scotland); the training is around Disclosure checks, which are required for people working with vulnerable adults and children.


The Protection of Vulnerable Groups – Vetting and Barring Scheme

This information event is provided by CRBS to support the Scottish Government in its work to raise awareness of the vetting and barring scheme (PVG scheme) to be introduced through the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007.

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