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Christmas Buffet 1pm Thursday 16th December

The Catch 23 Christmas buffet will now be held on Thursday 15th not the original planned date of the 16th.

Please be aware that we will open at 1pm to allow staff to prepare the food.

See you there!


Energy Saving Incentive- Point and Sandwick

Do you live in Point and Sandwick area?
If so check the link out. There may be an opportunity to save money through a new energy efficiency campaign.

Fundraising News

A fantastic turnout for our Event held at the MA Memorial
Hall on Saturday raised a total of £840.71 in donations.

Big thanks have to go to everyone who made the day such a success.


Special mention to Murdo who had the idea to combine a Seeme campaign launch with a local fundraiser for WIAMH.

Free Internal Wall Insulation Offer

This may be of interest to some of our readers.

Tighean Innse Gall are offering FREE internal wall insulation. Check the link for further information.

Mental Health Campaign in Gaelic


Mental health activists in Stornoway will be spreading a vital message, in English and Gaelic.

Fundraising day Saturday 18th June

A reminder that Catch 23 will be shut on Saturday June 18th.
Fundraiser is being held at the MA Hall, Stornoway 12noon to 2pm.


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