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'see me' launches new campaign: Just Listen. You Could Change a Life

'see me's new campaign was launched 2nd April. The campaign urges Scots to get talking about mental ill-health and to listen to what is said. Support makes all the difference.

In independent polling last year, 40% of Scots said that they wouldn't know how to ask about mental ill-health. Their main concerns were:

  • How to raise the subject - "What Should I Say?"

  • What to do if the conversation doesn't go well

  • Where to access further help and advice - "Who else can help?"

We all need to know how to talk about mental ill-health - and we all need to know how to listen.

More detailed information about how to talk about mental ill-health can be found on the ‘see me’website

‘see me’ will be reaching out to Scots around the country through TV, radio and outdoor advertising, bus sides and internal panel, inserts in the press and local community-focused adverts. ‘see me’ is also reaching out into communities and asking the campaign’s local champions and social media contacts to help spread the word.

The campaign runs from the 2nd of April through to the end of June.

Further information about the campaign, including TV slot times are available on ‘see me’s website. If you are a Facebook user then please like‘see me’ and join in the discussion about the importance of being heard. You can also follow'see me' on Twitter @seemescotland and join in the competition.

Please also forward this email to your contacts and spread the message